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Ardi Gunawan at the Open Archive project space

Ardi-Gunawan-publicty-image2-1024x682Luckily there’s no inside (brick muppet filth face anxiety ladder emotion traffic reenactment jakarta body )
A four-day performance/exhibition by Ardi Gunawan at the Open Archive project space)

Thursday 20 October 2011 – Sunday 23 October 2011
Daily 1pm-6pm
Opening drinks Saturday 22 October 4pm-6pm
97 Nicholson Street Abbotsford Victoria

luckily theres no inside ( brick muppet filth face anxiety ladder . emotion traffic reenactment jakarta body ) re-enacts parts of a performance that Gunawan initiated in 2009. The 2009 work, entitled: Sculptural Relations: embodiment, forces, event, and material performance operated through a number of invited artists realising specific tasks, roles and scores. Mimmo Cozzolino unexpectedly photo-documented this performance. In thinking about how to distribute the re-presentation, re-interpretation, and re-modification of these images, Gunawan re-considers the form of soft sculpture and stuffed toys.

For Open Archive, Gunawan has constructed Muppet costumes inspired by the photo-documentation that Cozzolino captured during his performance. The documentation, stills from Sculptural Relations, depicts artists Bianca Hester throwing a brick, Spiros Panigirakis throwing a plinth and Masato Takasaka walking around with a ladder on his head. From these images, Gunawan has collaborated with his parents — who operate a home industry soft toy business specialising in rocking animals — to transform them into ‘quality plush toy’ Muppet costumes. Employed models will be wearing these at the opening and through the course of the exhibition.

This new project continues/discontinues a deviation from Sculptural Relations and enters an experiment with self-parody, fandom, projective re-enactments, identity, caricature, bad taste, documentary and fiction, commercial merchandising and perversion. It will form part of ongoing projects and will be adapted into a B-grade horror/sci-fi short movie, with a screenplay written in collaboration with an ex-employee of the Indonesian Film Censor Institution based in Jakarta.

For more information contact co-directors: Jared Davis, +61 (0)404 190 646 and Helen Grogan, +61 (0)431 690 832,