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Bonnie Charles and Sarah Hicks Opening & Exhibition


Public Notice

This exhibition is a way to free ourselves from the constraints of operating legitimately in public space, our usual domain.
We intended this show to house our observations and fantasies for a classic public space type, the local reserve. Our muse was an urban creek, a terrain vague where bits of house lie among rocks and waist deep weeds. Chunks of cornice are sunk next to fallen tree trunks still growing. Steps lead to nowhere. Rocks have veils. These places are like the subconscious of the city…
In the process of rendering our fictional propositions for the site, we got lost.
We jumped a fence and started mindlessly following a desire line, tracing through the debris of our own latent landscapes.

We invite you to join us in our weird mutated paradise.

Bonnie Charles and Sarah Hicks are cross-disciplinary artists and designers working under the moniker Bush. Working in dynamic environments within both the public and domestic realm, the practice engages in projects of various scales and themes, from temporary interventions to gardens, parks and playgrounds.

Bush believes that art in public space requires a hybrid approach which engages directly with local social and environmental conditions. The practice investigates the way people experience, occupy and interact with landscape within public spaces – focusing on human occupation and interaction, ecological processes and aesthetic consequences.