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Bonnie Charles and Sarah Hicks Opening & Exhibition


Public Notice

This exhibition is a way to free ourselves from the constraints of operating legitimately in public space, our usual domain.
We intended this show to house our observations and fantasies for a classic public space type, the local reserve. Our muse was an urban creek, a terrain vague where bits of house lie among rocks and waist deep weeds. Chunks of cornice are sunk next to fallen tree trunks still growing. Steps lead to nowhere. Rocks have veils. These places are like the subconscious of the city…
In the process of rendering our fictional propositions for the site, we got lost.
We jumped a fence and started mindlessly following a desire line, tracing through the debris of our own latent landscapes.

We invite you to join us in our weird mutated paradise.

Bonnie Charles and Sarah Hicks are cross-disciplinary artists and designers working under the moniker Bush. Working in dynamic environments within both the public and domestic realm, the practice engages in projects of various scales and themes, from temporary interventions to gardens, parks and playgrounds.

Bush believes that art in public space requires a hybrid approach which engages directly with local social and environmental conditions. The practice investigates the way people experience, occupy and interact with landscape within public spaces – focusing on human occupation and interaction, ecological processes and aesthetic consequences.

Laith McGregor



Laith McGregor
S.plit F.ollow

S.plit F.ollow is broken up into 3 parts, including one small pencil drawing, 5 large drawings on tarpaulin’s and an installation based work which comprises of a free standing shelf of science fiction novels borrowed from the St.Kilda Library.

S.F. explores common motifs and analogous visual ephemera sourced from the internet and popular culture. While living in Indonesia the bulk of my research, news and ongoing arts related dialogues were all collected, assembled & conferred over the net. I often felt as if I was living in a science fiction realm, close enough to be real, but also very far from the truth. It was this disconnection and feeling of alienation that I wanted to convey and explore within this show.

By harnessing the power of the imagination I have sought to deliberately create my own mythology, to envision and to escape. I have referenced imagery and symbols that on one hand are familiar, but simultaneously ambiguous and capricious. These working ideas reject my thoughts on mortality and concepts on life, death and the in-between.
‘Myths are always explanatory, they are the basis of understanding the relationship between people and their natural environment, they reject the local conditions, climate, celestial phenomena, seasonal variations, the birth-death-rebirth experience and the need for humanity to establish
a working relationship with these humanities.’ J.C.Cooper

S.F. lends itself to the intuitive and acts on the subconscious, making it feel otherworldly. The work sits in a grey area of fiction and non- fiction. This area allows for individual interpretation.

Opening Night
4th August 2016

Exhibition Dates 4th – 25th August
Gallery Hours 9am – 3pm

Hundo launch & exhibition By Lucy Fahey


Schoolhouse Studios presents

Hundo Instruments & paintings By Lucy Fahey

Long Division Gallery
July 7th – 28th
Opening on the 7th of July 6pm
81 Rupert Street, Collingwood

Hundo launch exhibition and pop-up shop
Hundo Instruments

Hundo Instruments is a new musical instrument company based in Schoolhouse Studios, East Brunswick.
Co-founded by artists and musicians Henry and
Jack Madin (of The Harpoons), Hundo make simple musical instruments by hand, designed with a focus
on utility and ease-of-use. Hundo’s instruments have been designed in the spirit of Henry’s artworks, which encourage audiences to engage in the process of music.

Family Photo
Lucy Fahey

Family Photo is a study of family through portraiture. These works are paintings of photographs taken from my childhood through to the present day, with painting used as a tool for analysing lived experience.

The portrait of a portrait is an obscured lens for viewing and obtaining meaning, and speaks of the unreliability of memory.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.42.13 PM