Group Exhibition SHS – Double Agent


Double Agent

Participating Artists:
Paul Adair, Danica Chappell, Kez Hughes, Annika Koops, Katja Mater, Isobel Parker Philip

If an interloper was asked to impersonate a photograph, how might that performance play out?

‘Double Agent’ brings together work that approaches the photograph through the concepts of mimicry and subterfuge. The work of Paul Adair, Danica Chappell, Kez Hughes, Annika Koops, Katja Mater (NL) and Isobel Parker Phillip manipulate and deconstruct photography’s signifiers using methods that skirt the peripheries of its tradition.

Decades of artistic interrogation has problematized the hold of the photographic image: the index is vexed beyond breaking point. Yet, through technical supersession the photograph has become central to the formation of identity and a binding facet of the social body. The artists in ‘Double Agent’ consider the implications of photo-media as a conduit and a cloaking device. By proliferating signifiers of photography through painting, sculpture, computer generated imagery, moving image and text, the artists communicate processual gestures that implicate another.