Isabella Kottek & Marina Breit Exhibition

Schoolhouse Studios presents:

Isabella Kottek (Long Division Main Gallery)
Filling In

‘Filling in’ responds to art theory that once compared the female body to landscapes. This series is the second of a three-part project that celebrates women in history who were active in shaping their surroundings, rather than appearing passive and subjected to the male gaze. Each painting is named after a specific woman from Melbourne and based on a location connected to her and her story of accomplishment. Stories of women include feminist Zelda D’Aprano, swimmer Beatrice Kerr, painter Ivy Shore, and nurse and Boonwurrung leader Louisa Briggs.

Marina Breit (Long Division Project Space)
Works on Paper

A selection of still life photographs which challenge and explore the precarious state of tension when delicate objects come together in a series of carefully balanced arrangements.

Opening night:
Thursday, July 5th

Exhibition dates:
July 5th – 26th
Gallery open 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday or by appointment