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Linda Ash Exhibition

Schoolhouse Studios presents:

Linda Ash 



Linda Ash works from seeds in her memory, exploring an uninhibited intuitive application of paint. ‘Island’ relates to time spent on Magnetic Island, beachcombing and walking amongst the granite boulders, swimming in the ocean and reef. Just as the ocean leaves a random selection of flotsam and jetsam with each high tide, the paintings themselves have a random element. The high tide line might reveal toothbrushes, thongs, plastics, or the delicate spine of a fish, the bleached forms of dead coral. The paintings are experimental, playful and abstract, but at this time, when oceans and reefs bear the impact of climate change the works are also imbued with a sense of sadness and loss.

Opening night:
Thursday, August 3

Exhibition dates:
August 3rd – 24th
Gallery open 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday or by appointment