Michael Ciavarella, Ryoko Kaneta & Abigail Varney Exhibition

Schoolhouse Studios presents:

Michael Ciavarella, Ryoko Kaneta & Abigail Varney Exhibition at Schoolhouse Studios


Opening night:
Thursday, April 6th

Exhibition dates:
March 6th – 27th
Gallery open 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday or by appointment


Michael Ciavarella (Long Division Main Gallery)
Prima Facie

Ryoko Kaneta (Long Division Project Space)
The Whisper of Nature

Girls in various sizes, large and small, appear in the works of Ryoko Kaneta. These girls are personifications of natural objects, phenomena, intentions, and memories. Kaneta reproduces the local thinking and traditions of a land through the stories created by these personifications. These girls, who fill the entire surface of the image, all exist in different times. The wealth of this information entertains the viewers of her works. These narrative works remind us of the thinking of an era in which all things were considered to have a mind. These aspects of nature that have been turned into characters could be seen as a bridge that connects the story with we contemporary people.

Abigail Varney (Outdoor wheat-paste)
Super Tamade