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Q&A with Christopher Hill


Are you a full-time artist?


Yes and no. Yes, I think about art almost every day and I spend a lot of time on art generally. But I also divide my time between narrative film projects and then commercial film projects to support some sort of lifestyle. So, no I don’t make a living completely from traditional art in a technical sense.
Describe your artistic practice.


It’s varied. I like to do different things constantly. I feel most inspired and comfortable when I don’t know how something will turn out and I’ve kind of always thrived off a sort of instinctual naivety. I usually start with a concept or story and then choose a medium I want to explore and expand those ideas within. For me its like setting my own rules or guidelines to work within. Whether that’s as complex as film or as simple as drawing.
Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming exhibition ‘Joy Ride’?


‘Joy Ride’ is a combination of drawings and a video art piece that all relate to a single theme. I was interested in how one theme and concept would work across the two mediums and how they would communicate with each other. Another way of explaining it is that the exhibition is a document of a created world and the film and the drawings are like artefacts of that world.


I could write a bunch of explanations and justifications for it but it’s probably better people just come to the show and make what they will out of it.
Who are Melbourne artists who you admire?


To be honest I don’t get out much to look at art in Melbourne. But there are a few people I like and respect here; Fergus Binns, Rob McHaffie, Matlock Griffiths, Rhys Lee and Martin Bell.