postpass Q&A with Luke Duncan King | Schoolhouse Studios

Q&A with Luke Duncan King

Are you a full-time artist?

Yes, I have a shared studio at Schoolhouse Studios, Brunswick East but it’s very challenging to be able to rely on art as a primary income and I have a few jobs to keep my art works (& life) floating.


Describe your artistic practice.

My works focused on portraiture. I’ve always enjoyed the tangible relationship with paper, biro or pencil even coloured pencils on paper as well also I’m a printmaker and to understand the paper are one of the most contentment in the art world.


Could you tell us a bit about your upcoming¬†exhibition‘?

The ‘The Vague Format’ exhibition is about my exploration in the small world we see thru the Instagram especially upon the human figures, how they pose, how they display, how they express and their vulnerability showcasing of their own lives to the wide world thru the smart phones.¬†


Who are Melbourne artists who you admire?

Too many!