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Schoolhouse Studios Residency Program & Grant

The SHS Studio 10 Residency Program offers a 30m2 studio space at our location in Rupert st, Collingwood for three months, and $1000 in funding to successful applicants. This residency provides organisational support to artists to develop new and innovative works that are risky, experimental, critically engaged and conceptually considered. The Studio 10 Residency Program is designed to be a place of collaboration and communication, to share and discuss works in development and as a place of testing, and experimentation.

Schoolhouse Studios is committed to providing studios for artists at all stages of their careers and we welcome applications from all artistic disciplines including creative business and community organisation start ups.

The residency is delivered in partnership with the Molonglo Group. Molonglo works within the realm of development theory and practice and are the current custodians of 81 Rupert Street. Molonglo believe artists see the world differently and their tolerances, variant interests and participation should be part of our cities, not pushed to the outskirts.


Current Studio 10 Residents

April – June 2019: BE. Collective

BE. Collective is a creative community collective that activates and facilitates spaces for young people to be seen, valued, and heard. Their target demographic are young adults who are culturally and linguistically diverse, and who are searching for and wanting a deeper and more meaningful connection to themselves, community, and the world around them.

During their residency, BE. Collective will be working on LEVELS. LEVELS will be a week long festival that will host a number of activated spaces and include young emerging and established artists.

LEVELS celebrates autonomous individuals through contemporary culture and seeks to create much needed access (especially for marginalised community members) to support and encourage young creatives to showcase their work and provide a valued and exciting experience for both the creatives and the attendees.

LEVELS aims to take space in order to make space that will bring together the living, breathing artists creatives and bodies that make up a varied and vibrant tapestry of disciplines in our community.