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Schoolhouse Patrons

Susie Delaney


I am a mother of 3 children, 3 step children, 3 grand children and 3 more grand children on the way. I have owned and run a family business along with my husband Joe, who has since passed. I am currently engaged to be married. My partner Ray is head of his family company. Ray’s Agribusiness operates here in Australia and overseas, which takes us away a lot and gives us access to a great global network of people.

I have been on committees and boards in voluntary positions for some years; helping to build Steiner Schools, an assortment of community projects around the state, and more recently with my partner Ray, The Australian film industry and The Production Company with funding, application for grants and business mentoring.

I have an interest to support innovative, passionate people who have a vision for building communities or businesses that benefit others. I have great faith that the Schoolhouse Studios project team, is one that operates with great vision, passion and integrity.  I have admired their energy and resilience during the many obstacles they have faced. It was a real test of their faith in the project.

The foundations that this wonderful community is built on, will benefit so many people and hopefully those that benefit will be inspired by this great team, to give something back to other communities out there, that are in need of support and direction.

McCorkell Constructions


McCorkell Constructions are commercial builders in Victoria and Western Australia.

For over 85 years we have been successfully delivering commercial projects for government, institutional and private clients. From fit-outs and refurbishments to new buildings, renovations and conservation works we build to your exacting specifications.

Our projects cover many sectors from commercial, educational, industrial, recreational, residential, heritage, science, health and community.

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