We’re on a quest to become Melbourne’s most joyful, inclusive, and collaborative not-for-profit creative space.

What we do and why

We thoughtfully convert disused buildings into ever-evolving places for creative expression and connection for artists, independent creative businesses, activists, social enterprises, and much more. Why? Because we believe that creative expression and community are the beating heart of our humanity and should be available to everyone.We place relationships first. We invite the local community into our process so we’re always adapting to what our community wants and needs.

Schoolhouse Studios is so much more than the spaces it inhabits. It’s a community, a sanctuary, a resource, an advocate, a stage, a loudspeaker, a living and ever-evolving beast that loves and challenges in equal measure. A safe space to get things wrong, right, and everything between. We don’t see those magic moments of growth and collaboration when artists collide as happy accidents. To us they’re a hard target. They’re built into our model because we know these moments are the most valuable thing we offer our community.

Our Story

We’ve been around for a decade now and in that time we’ve supported more than 1,500 creatives and held more than 1,800 art and cultural public events.

But SHS started with a simple vision, that of Alice Glenn and Elizabeth Barnett to establish a space for their creative practice that was more community-focused than what they felt was around at the time, especially in terms of welcoming the young kids they were both juggling. When the Abbotsford site opened its doors in 2012, the dream was realised for 25 creatives with a gallery, orchard, creative events and many, many parties.

Since then Schoolhouse Studios hasn’t stopped. In 2015 we relocated to Collingwood and opened another site in Brunswick, allowing over 140 artists to join the SHS community. Between the two sites we were proud to boast a woodworking and tool room, cafe, gallery, bar, event spaces, and of course, a village of artist studios. Over the years, we’ve brought together filmmakers, graphic designers, activists, photographers, prop designers, social enterprises, performance and drag artists, painters, fashion labels, illustrators, and more.

Now, we are growing again and have secured our dream home in Coburg! Come check out our events, gallery, or studios and join this vibrant, diverse and thriving little bunch of creatives!