Schoolhouse Studios is a wildly experimental and ambitious arts, performance and studio space that’s all about people

We provide Melbourne's creative scene with much-needed affordable studios and spaces for performances, parties, exhibitions and more. But we're so much bigger than the spaces we inhabit. SHS is a visionary model, a community, a loudspeaker, a sanctuary, a resource, a destination, an advocate, a stage... A living and ever-evolving beast that loves and challenges in equal measure. A safe space to get it so right, so wrong, and everything between. We don’t see moments when artists collide and sparks fly as ‘happy accidents’. To us, they’re hard targets and an explicit part of our mission to be a radically inclusive and supportive entity for the arts.

It's official

We're an independent not-for-profit organisation and we've recently been awarded Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. This means it’s easier than ever to partner with us. We’re always seeking to work with patrons and donors who, like us, think art and creativity are the lifeblood of our community, so we can continue to thrive as one of Melbourne's most fierce, inclusive and vital creative scenes. If you love art and artists as much as we do, you can DONATE HERE to make a positive, direct impact on Melbourne's creative scene.

Graduation day!

All the fun currently happens at our lovingly repurposed and ambitiously designed warehouse in Melbourne’s inner north. Under this roof we’ve brought together filmmakers, graphic designers, activists, photographers, prop designers, performance and drag artists, painters, fashion labels, illustrators and charities. We’ve held huge parties, exhibitions, gigs, talks, makers markets, workshops, pop-up stores, political gatherings, fundraisers, film shoots, quiz shows, drag shows, drag quiz shows, and so much more.

Now, we're at an electrifying part of our story as we begin the transition to a new site for 2021. Over the last nine years we’ve overhauled three pre-existing spaces and nurtured them to become the beating heart of their own killer creative communities. We've deeply loved each of these sites for the growth, glory and revelry they housed, but we've never been as excited as we are about this one. Watch this space for more details, and CONTACT US HERE if you'd like to be notified when studios become available.