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Hello little eggs

Feather Graham and Gregorina Peck laid their first eggs over the weekend. We put a regular sized egg next to their egg to give you an idea of scale. They are miniature! We will be making pikelet sized omlettes for lunch from now on!

IMG_20422-768x1024 IMG_20412-768x1024

Nancybird shoot at the Schoolhouse

IMG_2686-1024x682A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting the Nancybird photo shoot for their Autumn Winter catalogue. The lovely Emily who is Nancybird approached us to shoot in amoungst our rambling buildings and our creative studio corners. You can see some in progress shots on their blog here. The pics here and on the Nancybird blog are taken by Christina.


We had a lovely article in Broadsheet.


Welcome to Schoolhouse Studios


Welcome to our brand new sparkly website! Thanks to Cameron Boyle for all his hard work in building this site. We have been at the old Sophia Mundi Steiner school (formerly the St. Joseph’s Technical College) since March 2011 and already we have had some amazing and exciting events held at the Schoolhouse Studios, not to mention the incredible work of all the artists (all 52 of them) working from old classrooms and locker rooms at the site. We have visual artists ranging from painters, printmakers, illustrators to animators, film makers, architects, toy makers, writers and installation artists and so the list goes on! Come along to one of our events on the jam packed calender and meet some of us.