postpass Her Wild Dreaming curated by Micheala Meadow | Schoolhouse Studios

Her Wild Dreaming curated by Micheala Meadow

Please join us at Schoolhouse Studios for ‘Her Wild Dreaming’ curated by Michaela Meadow, including work by Aleisha Zoumaras, Claire Wakeford, India D’Scarlett, Kat Davis, Leyla Bulmer, Lilli Waters, Linsey Gosper and Michaela Meadow.

Opening, including performance: Thursday 4th July, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition Dates: 4th July – 17th July 2019
Schoolhouse Gallery is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm


Her Wild Dreaming presents a group of women artists whose work deals with the interconnected themes of the feminine, myth and wild nature. This exhibition combines photography, painting, interactive dance performance and installation.

Both women and nature have historically been viewed as ‘other’, to be tamed and controlled. The centuries-old oppression of women is linked with the disregard and destruction of natural environments. These artists have begun to shed this skin. Disrupting the narrative that insists on the objectification of the feminine and the passivity of the wild, they challenge traditional notions of the gaze and what it means to inhabit a female body.

Through visual metaphor, the artists in this collection highlight the importance of our relationship to wilderness and begin to imagine new ways of seeing. Alive with a symbolic language, their images revive ancient stories embedded within landscape, reflected in our bodies. Utilising the medium of photography as a portal to tap into a primordial subconscious, Woman becomes a conduit to the earth’s memory, her wild dreaming.