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Schoolhouse Artist Profile – with Elizabeth Barnett

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What is your first memory of SHS?

Being led by a Steiner exchange student through the musty rooms of 97 Nicholson street with Alice and Otis before we signed the lease. It was like finding treasure… there was so much potential in all of the rooms.

How has the closing of current SHS affected your practice?

I moved out just prior to the closing of Nicholson street to have a baby, but it is incredibly sad to lose something that we created from scratch. There have been lots of tears.

How has SHS helped to develop your practice and strengthen the creative community?

Schoolhouse created so many opportunities and friendships that would never have possible without the shared cups of teas, gigs and workshops offered. Being a part of a community of artists helped me to grow as an artist. My studio was heavenly, with views on three sides of the room overlooking the treetops and rooftops and out towards the city. It was definitely a rare treat!

Tell us something that might not have happened, had you not been to SHS?

A number of exhibition opportunities have come up for me as a result of being a part of the Schoolhouse community and I have made some wonderful friends with the other artists who I got to know over the last 2 years.

Elizabeth Barnett is a Melbourne based Visual Artist and Illustrator. She’s also the co-founder and former board member of Schoolhouse Studios.

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