Winsome Spiller & Amy Perejuan-Capone


Schoolhouse Studios and Long Division Gallery


Winsome Spiller
(Main Gallery)
Amy Perejuan-Capone
(Suspension Space)

Opening 2nd June 6pm

Schoolhouse Studios
81 Rupert St, Collingwood

Winsome Spiller
This turns into That: abstract works

‘This turns into That’ groups some of Winsome
Spiller’s abstract paintings and objects. Most were
generated i a process where the remnants of making
one work become the start of another. Gradually,
with successive actions – brushstroking, deforming,
pouring, flaking, transfer between surfaces,
obscuring older layers – the marks, forms and
colours accumulate, until Winsome judges that a
work looks lastingly interesting. “These works reflect
my deep interest in materiality, and in developing
innovative processes that cross boundaries –
between painting, printmaking and object making.
Though reminiscent of natural forms, they don’t
intend to represent anything.”

Amy Perejuan-Capone
Cave of Forms (long drama)

Objects engage in interactions following an
inscrutable internal logic. The tableau investigates
object agency and webs of power through a physical
and intuitive engagement with the act of drawing.

June 2nd — 23rd
Gallery open 9 – 3pm
Monday – Friday
Saturday 11 – 2
or by appointment